We are an impact-driven organisation

Our work focuses on improving the lives of our partners, whether they be an individual to a partner organisation. Our north star is our mission, it guides us in everything that we do. We use our expertise and couple it with a co-partnership approach to ensure that all of our partners are the ones creating the changes they want to see with our gentle guiding hand of support in order to achieve sustainable and lasting change. We believe that a holistic bottom-up approach will lead to the greatest impact.


Be Part of a Growing Organisation 

We’re a young, driven, and motivated start-up social enterprise that is growing at a rapid pace. Our work creates impact in the lives of the people we serve locally, regionally, and globally. Solid Minds empowers people, groups, and organisations to find their voice and live out their best potential. We work tirelessly to help make this world a more inclusive, healthier, and welcoming place for all.


Make Impact

If you are someone that wants to work with a company and in a role that you know will make an impact, then Solid Minds is the place for you. All our work is focused on ensuring our partners can live to the potential they are meant to achieve.


Be Embraced in our Supportive Work Culture

At Solid Minds we not only care about our partners well-being but we strongly believe that we must take care of ourselves first before we can take care of others. At Solid Minds, we offer a supportive environment where we provide our employees with opportunities for personal and professional sustainable growth. We also offer an excellent and flexible working atmosphere.

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