Jean Pierre Ndagijimana

Dr. Jean Pierre, a Senior Clinician for Solid Minds, earned his Doctorate and Master’s degrees in International and Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco/California. He also did graduate studies in Public Health and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Rwanda. His interests are in post-genocide Rwanda recovery with a focus on stress regulation training for mental-physical health.  Dr. Ndagijimana has lectured at various academic institutions, while living in the United States with a particular focus on issues related to African refugees and immigrants. In 2016, He was the Keynote Speaker in Antwerp, Belgium at a Refugee Aid Worker’s Conference on “Going Beyond Our Differences and Finding our Common Ground.”

Dr. Ndagijimana is licensed and registered to practice as a Registered Clinical Psychologist (RCP) with the Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council.

He is interested in innovative approaches that blend cross-cultural methods for recovery caused by the adversities of life and from prolonged stress. His goal is healing by using the wisdom and strengths from within our own culture with knowledge from outside of our culture. According to Dr. Ndagijimana, using a collaborative outside-in and inside-out blended approach serves to augment our community-centered practices and enhance our mental/physical health.”

Dr. Ndagijimana enjoys and respects learning from others. His work in various African communities has afforded him the opportunity to understand and observe how people from various cultures relate to their social world.  His work in helping others has been enhanced by exploring the meaning and implications of African-born concepts and frameworks; the African Ethics of Ubuntu (South Africa), Sankofa (Ghana), Kongera kwiyubaka (Rwanda), and how to use metaphors, proverbs, and community drumming and dance in healing spaces.

Moreover, from his personal and collective experiences, Dr. Ndagijimana is aware that many cultures have experienced historical events that impacted the ability of people to trust others. Some people may not feel ready to seek help and share their emotional vulnerabilities. There is an established understanding that “imfura ishinjagira ishira” (the brave walks over pain without a limp), “uhishe munda nta we umwiba” (whatsoever is hidden within cannot be pilfered), “utakuzi nta kubara inkuru” (an untold story cannot be spread), and most commonly, “amarira y’umugabo atemba ajya munda” (a man’s tears flow into his stomach). Dr. Ndagijimana’s counseling approaches focus on creating a partnership with the people he is helping in a confidential, safe, and comfortable environment. We need not feel alone.

 He is a Bilingual in English and Kinyarwanda.

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