Damien Niyonsaba

Damien is a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMHN).  Damien holds an advanced diploma in mental health nursing from the University of Rwanda College of Medicine and Health Sciences. In addition to his formal studies, Damien has pursued different training including Multicultural Trauma Treatment, Physical Health, Mental Health Unbreakable Cycle, and Community Resiliency Model Skills Trainings, as well as the 8th international forensic summer school organized by the Institute of Legal Medicine/UKE.

Damien joined the Solid Minds team in February 2020. He provides follow-up and psychosocial support as well as psychosocial rehabilitation into the community to the clients we serve that have various mental health conditions. He also provides a unique service that helps and encourages individuals to stay on their medication as needed.

He is knowledgeable and experienced in organising community activities that aim at promoting the mental wellbeing of people in the community including promoting the social and functional statuses of clients. As a student, Damien was the president of the Rwanda Mental Health Nursing Students Associations (RMHNSA) at the University of Rwanda. He is very interested in raising mental health awareness in the community and in supporting those who are mentally vulnerable.  He also worked with the Ministry of Health of Rwanda on Covid-19 preparedness and response as well as a nurse vaccinator during the pandemic.

Damien works in Kinyarwanda and English.

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