Vicki Ratichek

Vicki is a graduate Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) intern from Liberty University in Virginia in the United States. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Human Services and Counselling from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, USA. Vicki is nearing the end of her coursework toward earning her Clinical Mental Health Counselling (CMHC) Master’s degree and currently practices under licensed supervision.

As a therapist, Vicki specialises in life transitions support, especially for vulnerable populations and women. Vicki grew up in Brazil, SA, and has lived in America, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, and Rwanda. Due to her mobile lifestyle, she is sensitive to the challenges of living cross-culturally and is passionate about helping and encouraging those who are not living in their own culture to manage it successfully so they can thrive wherever they live. To that end, she has led a support group in Kigali for women living outside of their home cultures to learn from and encourage each other through the specific challenges of living cross-culturally.

Vicki has experience supporting various American and international projects, mainly focusing on mental health access for adolescent girls and women. She has experience providing emotional support to adolescent girls in juvenile detention as well as women in incarceration in the United States. In Nigeria, she worked with young women who had recently left prostitution and vulnerable widows abandoned by their families. Vicki provided emotional and economic support to these women through counselling and by providing connections to resources. She is passionate about youth and women’s empowerment and quality mental health access for all.

Vicki works in English.

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