Caroline Rusabana

Caroline has recently relocated to Kigali from Belgium, and she holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Brussels University (ULB), as well as a post-master degree in Cultural Anthropology from the Catholic University of Leuven where she was trained in the latest trauma intervention techniques.

She began her career 15 years ago in Human Resources and has experience working in big national and international corporations. Her exposure to these environments informs her more recent work providing employee assistance trainings in mindfulness, self-care, and stress relief. It was during this time, she launched her own psychotherapy private practice, which led her to quickly dedicate her career exclusively to psychotherapy, eventually going on to lead a mental health center in Brussels.

She has a classic background in Humanist Psychology with a specialization in trauma including psychological first-aid interventions. In addition, she also works with a broad range of other issues like depression, anxiety, phobias, and burnout. She uses a wide range of advanced clinical techniques such as EMDR, Hypnosis, Energy Psychology, Mindfulness, and IFS (Internal Family System). Because Caroline also believes that in some cases bodywork can contribute to the healing process, she founded a center in Brussels where she worked in collaboration with massage and acupuncture therapists. Caroline has training in Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), Yin Yoga, Inner Dance, Access Bars, and Kahuna Bodywork. A majority of the time when working with clients, she combines talk therapy with some other innovative clinical techniques that can accelerate the healing process. She also supports the spiritual aspect for those who would like to include it.

She works in English, French, and Dutch.

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