Ariane Uwamahoro is the co-founder and Managing Director. Before co-founding the company, she was the sponsorship officer and administrator for Survivors Fund for over ten years. She founded Solid Minds with her husband, Samuel Munderere, as a centre to provide psychological wellness.

Ariane is a graduate of computer science from Kigali Institute of Science and Technology. Through Survivors Fund, she has worked with genocide survivors, especially students. Ariane was struck by the challenges faced by some of the students on the programme she was managing. There were a number of issues that resulted in poor focus and students skipping school. Many youth still lived with the physical and emotional effects of the genocide. As a result, Ariane found herself playing the role of a counselor to help them improve their performance and emotional well-being.

It was due to this strong desire to make a difference in the field of mental health that she co-founded Solid Minds. Ariane is involved in advocating to break the stigma people face when seeking psychological support.

Ariane Uwamahoro

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