Solid Minds was founded to provide counseling services for individuals, children, adolescent, and families people with emotional and psychological needs, life coaching, substance abuse interventions, and business difficulties, employee support programs. As a well supervised training center we support educational opportunities for mental health professionals, counselors and well as mental health and wellness research. Currently, Solid Minds offers expert counseling support in various areas as relating to trauma debriefing, Post-traumatic stress disorders debriefing, stress management, family and marriage, chronic diseases counseling, child and adolescents counseling, addiction and substance abuse, organizational resilience, work-life balance, and conflict management and resolutions. Solid Minds offers in-house and onsite training and workshops in Counseling Psychology and Social Work and Community Development Areas.



Individual and group Counseling, Substance Ab…

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Upon request, to promote psychological wellbeing

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To further develop the field of psychology in Kigali

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